Fair Trade Practices

Though we are not a Fair Trade certified company yet, we are committed to practicing the principles of Fair Trade by-

  • Actively encouraging the better environmental practices. Utilizing recycled material in production process, wherever possible.
  • Providing opportunities to the economically disadvantaged or marginalized artisans.
  • Transparency, in terms of commercial relations, with trading partners to deal fairly.
  • Providing the artisans a pre-payment of at least 50% before placing an order.
  • Paying equally to women and men for their work.
  • Not involving children at any stage of production process i.e., manufacturing, packing and delivery. Instead, encouraging artisans to educate their children.
  • Properly valuing and rewarding the work of women and paying them well for their contribution to the production process.
  • Providing safe and healthy working environment to the artisans.