TULA Meena Vase

Product Code: MTH-2103
The collection of áadatte's enameled vases is for those who love decorative objects with the refined designs. Available in different styles, these handcrafted multicolored vases may well serve as a delightful decorative object or as a flower vase.


Product : TULA Meena Vase
Material : Aluminium
Finish : Enameling
Dimensions :

H-24.1 cm (9.5 in); D-22.8 cm (9 in); B-11.4x6.4 cm (4.5x2.5 in)

Country of Origin : India
TULA Meena Vases are available in all colors and size. Packing and labeling may be done according to the buyer's requirement.
TULA Meena VaseTULA Meena Vase
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