FOLK Pendant Light

Product Code: MTK-1102
FOLK pendant light owns a special way of making. To create hundreds of small holes in it, artisans pour hot wax into each lamp then puncture through the hand tools. The cooled wax is melted again to empty the mold, leaving behind intricate patterns. Such a fine tool work in FOLK Pendant Light creates a soothing envelope of soft, ambient light. In addition, the inner light bronze antique finish gives a warm feel to the space.


Product : FOLK Pendant Light
Material : Iron
Finish : Copper Antique
Dimensions :

H-27 cm (10.6"); D-3.1 cm (12.2"); Chain Lenght-65 cm (25.6")

Country of Origin : India
Choice of brushed stainless, antique copper, or matte black charcoal finish is also available. Packing and labeling may be done according to the buyer's requirement.
FOLK Pendant /Ceiling light is used for
  • Lighting over tables
  • Kitchen island lights
  • Farmhouse lighting
  • Cafe & restaurant lights
FOLK Pendant LightFOLK Pendant Light
FOLK Pendant Light
FOLK Pendant Light
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