Double-Heart Meena Tray

Product Code: MTK-5104
Enameled dishes are valued for their utility and durability for the years. A little care in handling makes them a perfect table companion in every season. The colorful enamel work on the Double-Heart Meena Trays may not only be the part of kitchen dishware but also distinctive kitchen décor stuff. They can be taken for camping or picnic to add color to holidays.


Product : Double-Heart Meena Tray
Material : Aluminium with Enameling
Dimensions :

H-2.54 cm (1 in); LW-24.1x15.2 cm (9.5x6 in)

Country of Origin : India
Double-Heart Meena Tays are available in all colors and size. Packing and labeling may be done according to the buyer's requirement.
Double-Heart Meena TrayDouble-Heart Meena Tray
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