NETTO Pendant Light

Product Code: MTL-1011

NETTO pendant light has a copper or nickel finish metal cage that delicately showers the room with a miraculous lighting effect. Available in different colors, the NETTO pendent lights will impart unique classic style to the décor theme. Enhance your home decor and update your room with glowing elegance of NETTO pendent lights.

Product : NETTO Pendant Light
Material : Iron with Copper or Nickel Plating
Finish : Copper Plating or Nickel Plating
Dimensions :

H-33 cm (14.5 in), D-20 cm (9.0 in)

Country of Origin : India

Packing and labeling of NETTO pendant lights may be done according to the buyer's requirement.

NETTO Pendant LightNETTO Pendant Light
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